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What We're Doing

Scarf It Up!

Established in December 2012, "Scarf It Up!" is our charitable initiative. Our members hand-craft hats, mittens, scarves, blankets, socks, baby clothes, and more, that are donated to charitable organizations and needs-based groups throughout Cape May County and beyond.  If you'd like to participate, you may drop off items for donation any day during  store hours.


Soap Sacks

Stacey Wiener founded S.A.C.K. (Supporting A Community with Kindness), in September of 2017 when she discovered through volunteering at food pantries that there was a lack of essential toiletries available.  One key reason is that people are not able to use government subsidies, such as food stamps (i.e. SNAP) to purchase them.  When it comes to deciding between buying food to eat vs. soap & shampoo, the choice becomes simple.   S.A.C.K engages the crafting community in creating soap sacks and donating them wherever there's a need (with a bar of soap in each one). We are happy to be participating in this endeavor!  Free patterns are available in store, and you can drop off completed soap sacks any day during business hours.  You can find S.A.C.K  on Facebook and Instagram.

The Mitten Tree

We are proud to partner with the Captain Nick Fedoroff Community Christmas Celebration to assist local children in need.  Beginning November 1st, we will be displaying a mitten tree in the shop!  When you hang your donation of knitted or crocheted mittens and hats on our tree, you will be helping to keep a child warm this winter. Donations can be dropped off at the store during business hours year-round.
Event details available soon!

Knitting for Peace

A project of Seaville Friends Meeting and Cape May County Shelters Lutsk

As the war enters it's third year, shelters are filled beyond capacity with Ukraine refugees.  Join us in creating warm, colorful, heart-felt items for those who have lost so much.  Donations of yarn and supplies for newly created Knitting Workshops for displaced women in Ukraine are also welcome.  Items can be dropped off during store hours year-round.   Visit Knitting for Peace on Facebook.

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